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Additional Services and Fees

Fulfillment Minimum

Fulfillment Minimum - $300.00 after first 30 days.

The fulfillment minimum of $300.00 encompass expenses related to B2C and B2B including fulfillment shipping fees, pick fees, and similar charges. However, it does not include costs associated with warehousing, inbound receiving (WROs), or other fees unrelated to fulfillment.

As long as your total expenditure on B2C and B2B orders exceeds the minimum fee, you will not incur any fulfillment minimum charges. However, if your spending falls below the minimum threshold you will be billed for the difference between your actual spending and the minimum fee. 

Long-term Storage Fees

For products that remain stagnant for a period exceeding 90 days, long-term storage fees will be imposed.

Once the 90-day threshold is surpassed, the storage fees will be applied as follows:

- At 90 days: All fees for pallets, shelves, and bins will be doubled.
- At 120 days: All fees for pallets, shelves, and bins will be tripled.

If a product remains stagnant beyond 150 days, a removal order will be initiated, and the item will be returned to the manufacturer at the partner's expense.

Package Insurance

To ensure comprehensive coverage for shipments exceeding Full Throttle Fulfillment's courtesy insurance limit of $100 for parcel, we strongly advise purchasing additional insurance through the Full Throttle Fulfillment dashboard. This additional insurance enables us to claim the complete value of any product(s) that are confirmed as lost or damaged during transit by the carrier.

Please note that when you opt for additional insurance, Full Throttle Fulfillment will make every effort to seek complete reimbursement from the carrier on your behalf.  In the event a freight claim is approved but paid below the insurance amount purchased, Full Throttle Fulfill will review the amount awarded by the carrier and refund you per the amount approved by the carrier.

Payment via Credit Card

Kindly be aware that if you opt to settle your Full Throttle Fulfillment balance using a credit card, a 3% processing fee will be applied. 

Fragile Pack

Fragile Pack Fee: $.50 per unit.

This fee is associated with the extra labor and packaging materials involved in handling fragile items. It is applied to each item that is designated as "Fragile" in the Full Throttle Fulfillment dashboard. This fee accounts for the additional measures taken to ensure the safe packaging and handling of delicate items.

Returns Processing Fee

Returns Processing fee: $3.00 per return.

The processing fee includes the processing of all items in the return and is only applied to your account when the return physically arrives at our fulfillment center.

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